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Well, I have some hair makeovers booked over the coming weeks for anyone who likes that kind of thing 🙂

What you will not find here in my makeovers are professional models, lighting, etc. What you will find here are real people who want to look better without the need to spend hours on styling their own hair. A visit to the right stylist every six weeks or so should keep a woman looking her very best.

I have been at this for a very long time (40 years) but still love what I do. I love making hair over for people and watching their faces when they see how really great it can look with minimal effort of their own and what a huge difference it can make in their overall look.


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Best of Both

Having had the good fortune to have done my apprenticeship and worked most of my professional life in San Francisco with some of the most talented people in the business, I am truly grateful that since my move to Sacramento I still have many wonderful and loyal clients to service in my former city. While I work in the bright cozy little Hair Formations in the Arden Arcade area of Sacramento with some very talented folks, San Francisco affords me a station in one of the most gorgeous spaces I have had the privilege in which to practice my craft. I have some pictures of the newly renovated and still progressing design at Follicle Hair Salon on Sutter Street where I am just off of Union Square. The building is awesome and it was once the Yves Saint Laurent store. Pictures are great but it is impossible to do justice to this stunning space with pictures alone.

I am so grateful to have the best of both worlds.

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Before and After Models Needed, Sacramento, CA

UPDATE! I have all the models I need at this time. Thank you to those who responded. I do model calls periodically so please sign up or look in here now and again for my before and afters and to watch for the next model call 🙂

I am currently looking for two to three models who would like a change in their color and haircut looks. Haircut and hair color services will be done complimentary for allowing me to use the pictures. There is a small materials fee for Keratin Treatment. Long or short hair is okay. I need people who want a change!

Please call so we can make a time for a consultation!

Here is Cheryl who had quite the makeover. Color, haircut and Keratin Treatment…

Cheryl Before

Cheryl Before

Cheryl After

Cheryl before

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Here to Stay…Ombre

What started out as a trend that I thought would soon turn into a fad doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. In fact we are now seeing Ombre on shorter hairstyles. Ombre unlike a full head of color or highlights is done away from the scalp and thus has no obvious line of demarcation as it grows out. This could easily explain in part some of it’s appeal. The other is that it can be beautiful! Ombre can be natural looking or over the top.

Jenifer here had an Ombre just over a year ago. I cut her hair into long layers first to facilitate placement of foils for her Ombre. I chose to do a more natural looking Ombre for Jenifer using two blonds on her level 6 light brown hair. Here are her before and after pictures…



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