Katie Has a New Do

This is Katie. Katie had not seen a profession in…well let’s just say quite some time. What I had to work with when she came in was about two inches of outgrowth on a color she had been doing herself…


Where to start? Well, the plan of action was this. First I matched her natural color to cover the grey at the two inches of growth. Two inches meant that this was  applied as a virgin tint would have been. Now the fun stuff. I highlighted that first two inches that I had just colored. Then we pulled the natural color down the shafts between the highlights. After all of that was done, we applied a toner to correct the orange tones on those ends. The final result is natural color with highlights. Of course we needed to give her a new haircut to go with it!


And here is Katie with her new do…


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Small Change, Big Difference

This is Becka. We only did a haircut on this young lady who of course wanted to keep it long and flowing but with more body. Having no layers in her beautifully naturally curly hair was not serving her well.

Becka before



IMG_3936 IMG_3938

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It was such a gorgeous day in the Arden Fair area of Sacramento today. This is the salon (Hair Formations) in which I practice my craft in Sacramento. Parked on the left is Ruby my favorite mode of transport to work and home on beautiful days. Or any days as long as there is no rain…lol


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This is Cheri. She had her hair very dark at one time. Not enjoying dealing with the outgrowth of dark against “chrome”, she’d had a highlight somewhere along the line. When she came to me, she had very dark, yellow and orange streaks starting about four inches from the scalp. Some kind of blond about two inches down and her natural color at the first two inches from the scalp. All of this going on detracted from her beauty!

This was a corrective color and will most likely take another visit to perfect the ends or cut them off. Here are her before and after pictures 🙂

Cheri as she came to me…


After our visit…




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