Tracy Has a New Do

We brightened Tracy’s red, added just a few highlights and made her life MUCH easier to style by smoothing her hair with a Keratin Treatment. Healthy, shiny hair!





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Come Visit My New Location!

Well, I hate to make another move so quickly but the dynamics at Hair Formation have changed dramatically, costs of supplies and overhead have increased, so I have elected to find another salon that will better serve you, my clients.

I will be moving on October 1, 2013 to SALON COLLAGE, just off of Fair Oaks Blvd., exactly ONE MILE away from Hair Formations, on Howe Ave (full address below). This salon is more in line with the team approach I am accustomed to, and more cost effective, helping to keep my prices the same. My clients will find much more parking, we offer in-salon fresh bottled water, coffee, a real waiting area as well as dressing area. The salon also offers a manicurist, Connie (916-612-9299), who has her own room as well.

Another huge benefit is that I will have my own station (that I don’t have to share) and will have access anytime I want (7 days) so that if you need something special for a particular day, I have that flexibility.

My average stay in a salon in San Francisco was eight years so I don’t move without a really good reason. I look forward to taking care of you and your hair after October 1 at this great new location:

Salon Collage
650 Howe Ave
Building 1000, Suite 55
Sacramento CA




25% off all services for the month of October with the mention of this blog.

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