Poems | Veterans Today

Poems | Veterans Today.

Thank you to veterans and their families.  All vets and their family members (who also sacrifice plenty for us) can come in and see me next week (November 12 through November 16th) for half the regular price of any and all services.


One of the beautiful poems from one of our brave veterans that I found…

Side by Side 

by Jennifer L. Best, SPC US Army currently serving in the Republic of South Korea.

Women have fought

Women have died

Women have served

and served with pride

From the revolutionary war

and yet still today

Women stand side by side

with men in uniform and say

That they will support and defend

the constitution of the United States

Proudly, in the air on land and sea

They continue to fight for our freedom

wherever that may be

Their dedication to duty

reflected, their selfless service was so true

from private to general

these women did and still do

So be thankful for these women

past and serving still today

be thankful that they gave so much

and include them when you pray

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