Keeping it Easy With Home-styled Summer Hair

5 Simple Tricks to Keep Cool

Temperatures in the 90’s and the humidity is high. What!?! What happened to our “dry heat?”  If you have always just pulled your hair into a high ponytail to keep cool, here are some suggestions to keep cool and look hot!

  1. I Love Lucy graphic

    I Love Lucy

    Pull your hair up into a bun and wrap a colorful folded Bandana around your head.  You can choose to have the ends up like Lucille Ball or underneath your bun.

  2. Gather your long hair into a low ponytail and tie into a knot with wispy ends. This keeps your hair neat and does not cause breakage.
  3. Keep your hair out of your face by braiding your hair across the top, from one side of your head to the other, and then add to a mid ponytail. It will be off your neck – nice!
  4. French braid the top section of your hair and add the rest of your hair to a tight mid ponytail. This keeps your hair neat and off of your neck!
  5. Gather your hair into a low side ponytail and braid your hair using the Fishtail method. Click Here for a video link.

Try one of these tricks to look Hot, but not be hot!


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