Back to School Hair for Your Kids

Low Maintenance Styles During a Busy Day on the Schoolyard.

Are you one of those Moms who’s out the door before their kids are awake? Or, are you the Mom that wakes her kids up, makes their breakfast and lunch, and does their hair?  Either way, you need some ideas for this new school year!  Ponytail and headband, so yesterday!

This year you want something fast, easy and keeps their hair out of their face.

Quickest of all – Top Bun. Gather all hair on the top, put in a ponytail holder. Spritz with hairspray, tease a little, wrap into a bun.  This is especially great on the second day of school when you’ve both been up late filling out that pile of paperwork and signing up to help at the next fundraiser!

If your daughter’s hair is affected by the weather, don’t fight it! Spritz her hair with an anti-humidity spray and scrunch it a little. Any flat pieces can be curled quickly with your fast-heat curling iron. Spray and she’s ready for the carpool!

Snake Baid picture

Snake Braid

Another way way you can do this is with a snake braid in the front and long and straight in the back. Just grab 3 sections of hair, braid down the length at an angle.  (For longer hair, have thicker sections so the end of your braid isn’t too thin.)  Once you have the length you want, hold one the middle end in one had, put the other two ends together. Hold on the middle section and start pushing the 2 sections up.  Start at the top and slowly slide down to separate so it looks like a snake. Use hair spray to set the style and keep flyaways down. Use a bobby pin to secure.

For your sons with long hair on the top, comb their hair on top forward so it falls over his forehead. Put a dime-to quarter-sized amount of styling gel in the palm of your hand. Rub on your fingers and run through his hair pulling it from front to back. It should still look a little messy; but it will stay in place. He’s ready to rock!

And, if you have a little more time, check out Prim’s Hunger Games Bow Braid. Let the games begin!


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