Are Your Ready for Christmas?

Ideas for Christmas Presents: Products and Gift Cards for Everyone

Santa With Presents graphic

Well, we’re halfway through the holiday season – with Halloween and Thanksgiving in the past and looking forward to Christmas and the New Year.  Christmas is just 25 days away – eek! But you’re not worried – you have your “list” and you’re checking it twice. Plus, you’re looking for gifts that won’t be put away in a closet after the holidays because they’ll be using them every day!

We know how important good-looking hair is to us…and that having a good cut (from Donna Rolls Hair) can help us love our hair. So, when you’re thinking of what to get your friends and family, so they can love their hair too, here are some great gifts you can pick up when you get your hair cut for the holidays. Of course, you want to recommend that your friend start with a good cut, and she can Book It Here.

Wellspring De Stress Lotion graphic

Davines Wellbeing De-Stressing Lotion is perfect for not only the holidays, but everyday life. It has a UV filter that protects your hair from sun exposure whether your snow skiing or working outdoors when you may not be wearing a hat for protection. Plus, there’s the added bonus of soft and silky hair and a nourished scalp.

And, you can wrap it up with some paper and a bow, or just slip it in her stocking!

Davines Beautifying Potion graphicIf you’re looking for the gift of extraordinary hair shine and softness, give OI/ Absolute Beautifying Potion.  Potion – it sounds magical, doesn’t it? It also aids in detangling and anti-frizz.  Whether you’re living in a humid area or high desert, products with anti-frizz effect help your hair look and feel smoother.

Nourishing Body Lotion graphicAuthentic Replenishing Butter is one of those products that are multi-purpose.  You can use it as a pre-shampooing conditioner, which will leave your hair soft, shiny, silky and easy to control. Rubbing it on your face and body will nourish your body and leave it feeling velvety smooth.

Now, if you’re looking for the best gift cards or gift certificates for presents, there are a few tips to be aware of so they won’t want to re-gift it.

  • Know what they like or are interested in.
  • Pick a category: food or restaurants, drink (think Starbucks), anything/everything (think Visa), clothing, home improvement, and of course, hair care.
  • Don’t buy it last minute – they’ll know it. (Remember that saying…it’s the thought that counts…)

You can always purchase a gift certificate from me!

And, finally, don’t stress. Plan ahead, stick to the plan and enjoy yourself!


Keeping Your Guy Cut and Clean for the Holidays

The Holidays season has started, and I know you’ve got your beauty appointments scheduled for the next 12 weeks.  But your guy, he’s probably more spontaneous!  So, how do you keep your guy trimmed and looking clean? Well of course, make his hair appointment with Donna Rolls Hair and Book it Here!

Davines Finishing Gum graphic

To help him keep his style, put some Davines Medium Hold Finishing Gum. It allows him to add shape his style without adding grease to his hair. It’s just the right size for his stocking, and you’re supporting environmental charities.

Squirrel Beard photo

But also, how about being pampered with a straight-edge shave? Doesn’t sound relaxing?  The way these guys do it is. Some places you feel like you’ve gone back in time, others not so much.  There’s no Floyd the Barber here. And, I think your guy will enjoy these choices – as long as his beard doesn’t look like any of these.

The Art of Shaving graphic

Let’s start with The Art of Shaving at Arden Mall. The Royal Shave includes a consultation so you can discuss what you’re looking for, a nice hot towel to open up your pores, and pre-shave oil. Next comes the shaving cream applied with a brush – a little goes a long way.  Close your eyes because out comes the straight razor – but, no worries, you’re in good hands! Follow it up with a facial mask that will soothe any skin irritation. And, who doesn’t de-stress with rose petals on your eyelids? They shave beards and heads – both silky smooth for longer than with a safety razor.

If you’re looking for something a little more fun or hip, check out Jimmy’s Barber Garage.  Jimmy’s is a full-service shop with local talent.  You can get a hot shave/hot towel for less than 4 Starbucks drinks, and the partial shave is even less.

Barber Blues is a place where you can not only get a hot shave with pre and post shave treatments, but they also give straight razor shaves keeping you clean-looking longer.  Stop by early and enjoy their pool table, TV, dominoes, cards, drink cooler, and music.

Wherever your guy gets his “hot” shave, you’ll enjoy his cool style and smooth face!

Winter Wedding Hair

Up Do or Down Do – What’s the Perfect Look For You?

You’re special day is coming closer and you’ve figured out everything else. You’ve booked the caterer, hall, photographer, band, and officiant.  You’ve got the dress and the shoes and the nails nailed.  But, what about your hair? Should it be up – because it’s a special occasion and you’ve never worn it that way or long and flowing – because you want to look ravishing?  Either way, it’s decision time.

Is your wedding day “do” predicated on what the weather will be like or what your hair will be like in that weather? If you’re looking for a stay-put, weather-proof hairstyle, below are some examples of elegant looks that you won’t have to worry about during YOUR BIG DAY.

Three UpDo Styles - Photo Credit Glamour UK

Three UpDo Styles

The Wet Look Bun is easy to do, wind-proof, and gives you silky waves at the end of the evening. Dress it up with some pearl pins or your “something borrowed” broach. The Twisted Bun is both dressy and simple. The Rolled Hair look starts with hair parted won the middle (very dramatic!) and then rolled towards your head (need lots of Bobbie pins) and joined at the back. Plus, they all look great from the back!

If you’re looking for a fuller hairstyle, wearing it wavy and long is an excellent choice. (Here’s a hairdresser’s tip; don’t wash your hair the morning of; its easier to style slightly dirty hair.)

Long and Lovely Hairstyles graphic

Long and Lovely Hairstyles

Almost Braided is accomplished with hair curled with a large barrel curling iron or in large rollers to get that full curly look. You can have a slightly off-center part, with two wisps of hair on each side brought back. Then start loosely gathering the curly hair so that you’re almost braiding it, being careful to not pull out the curl. Dress it up with either a spray that matches your bouquet, a glittery clasp  or a small faux flower. The Side Part Curls look starts with hair parted on the side (of course) and long soft curls. Hair can be drawn back, just at the ear with a Bobbie pin to secure it and a blingy Facinator on the side. The Half Braid/Half Curly combines a little teasing, semi-French braiding the top and curling the bottom in long loose curls. With the side clasp, you look great while saying your vows!

With all of these styles, spritz with a firm-hold hairspray, and add a little shine spray for a glossy look. Your hair will look great in your photographs!