Keeping Your Guy Cut and Clean for the Holidays

The Holidays season has started, and I know you’ve got your beauty appointments scheduled for the next 12 weeks.  But your guy, he’s probably more spontaneous!  So, how do you keep your guy trimmed and looking clean? Well of course, make his hair appointment with Donna Rolls Hair and Book it Here!

Davines Finishing Gum graphic

To help him keep his style, put some Davines Medium Hold Finishing Gum. It allows him to add shape his style without adding grease to his hair. It’s just the right size for his stocking, and you’re supporting environmental charities.

Squirrel Beard photo

But also, how about being pampered with a straight-edge shave? Doesn’t sound relaxing?  The way these guys do it is. Some places you feel like you’ve gone back in time, others not so much.  There’s no Floyd the Barber here. And, I think your guy will enjoy these choices – as long as his beard doesn’t look like any of these.

The Art of Shaving graphic

Let’s start with The Art of Shaving at Arden Mall. The Royal Shave includes a consultation so you can discuss what you’re looking for, a nice hot towel to open up your pores, and pre-shave oil. Next comes the shaving cream applied with a brush – a little goes a long way.  Close your eyes because out comes the straight razor – but, no worries, you’re in good hands! Follow it up with a facial mask that will soothe any skin irritation. And, who doesn’t de-stress with rose petals on your eyelids? They shave beards and heads – both silky smooth for longer than with a safety razor.

If you’re looking for something a little more fun or hip, check out Jimmy’s Barber Garage.  Jimmy’s is a full-service shop with local talent.  You can get a hot shave/hot towel for less than 4 Starbucks drinks, and the partial shave is even less.

Barber Blues is a place where you can not only get a hot shave with pre and post shave treatments, but they also give straight razor shaves keeping you clean-looking longer.  Stop by early and enjoy their pool table, TV, dominoes, cards, drink cooler, and music.

Wherever your guy gets his “hot” shave, you’ll enjoy his cool style and smooth face!

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