Is She a Blonde or is She a Redhead?

This is Jeanne. She likes to have fun with her hair color. Though she has been blonde for awhile, she has in the past also been a redhead which she really liked. Red is fun. I used to be a redhead myself before I went white. Either way, red is high maintenance and generally needs to be done as a full head of color rather than just a touch up at every visit. Our solution for Jeanne was to keep her blond highlights and give her some red around the face to make her blue eyes pop!




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Before and After Models Needed, Sacramento, CA

UPDATE! I have all the models I need at this time. Thank you to those who responded. I do model calls periodically so please sign up or look in here now and again for my before and afters and to watch for the next model call 🙂

I am currently looking for two to three models who would like a change in their color and haircut looks. Haircut and hair color services will be done complimentary for allowing me to use the pictures. There is a small materials fee for Keratin Treatment. Long or short hair is okay. I need people who want a change!

Please call so we can make a time for a consultation!

Here is Cheryl who had quite the makeover. Color, haircut and Keratin Treatment…

Cheryl Before

Cheryl Before

Cheryl After

Cheryl before

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