Is She a Blonde or is She a Redhead?

This is Jeanne. She likes to have fun with her hair color. Though she has been blonde for awhile, she has in the past also been a redhead which she really liked. Red is fun. I used to be a redhead myself before I went white. Either way, red is high maintenance and generally needs to be done as a full head of color rather than just a touch up at every visit. Our solution for Jeanne was to keep her blond highlights and give her some red around the face to make her blue eyes pop!




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New Hair New Life For Liz

Meet the beautiful Liz. She has very thick, very curly/frizzy hair that she has had to spend around an hour and a half to get under control by blowing it out with a big brush then flat ironing it. Today she can simply blow it out. She also loves the look when she just lets it dry out of the shower.

For Liz we did a haircut, a partial highlight to blend in the outgrowth and a Keratin Treatment to make her life easier and give her hair more movement and touch-ability…

Liz Before                                                                   Liz After


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Models Booked

Well, I have some hair makeovers booked over the coming weeks for anyone who likes that kind of thing 🙂

What you will not find here in my makeovers are professional models, lighting, etc. What you will find here are real people who want to look better without the need to spend hours on styling their own hair. A visit to the right stylist every six weeks or so should keep a woman looking her very best.

I have been at this for a very long time (40 years) but still love what I do. I love making hair over for people and watching their faces when they see how really great it can look with minimal effort of their own and what a huge difference it can make in their overall look.


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